Monster Hunter World  PS4  Info : 

In Dragon Hunter: World you assume the use of a hunter moving to a different continent in which you monitor and slay ferocious beasts in heart-pounding struggles. This new territory and its varied inhabitants play a vital role in every quest as you strategically utilize the surrounding environment such as terrain, wildlife and plant to your benefit in conflict or become overrun by the dangers they pose. As a hunter, then you need to use your cunning and expertise to both monitor and maneuver your aims throughout the extreme, evolving struggles.

Terrific gear drives the excitement for the hunt even on the small scale, however, the large, spectacular fights finally matter the most. Generations’ tweaked battle adds just the perfect tools to earn slaying epic boss monsters an enjoyable activity that is just as entertaining on the internet or off. Playable companions help shake up the gathering game without taking resources away, and its enjoyable to play like a wackier character. Generations only falters during slower minutes spent on fetch quests and at wrangling through menus prior to the search.