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While Resident Evil 7 draws in the series’ origins of atmospheric survival horror, it also delivers a new level of terror. In the Resident Evil games of yesteryear, players braced for fear at the first-person through the creepy door-opening scenes, along with Resident Evil 7 rebounds up that strain using a immersive first-person perspective along with a photorealistic graphic style. Capcom can reach a greater degree of visual fidelity thanks to the new proprietary in-house RE Engine which includes VR oriented tools. With the RE Engine and industry leading visual and audio technology, you experience every abhorrent detail up close and personal from Resident Evil 7. Playing the game in the PlayStation VR Mode escalates the unsettling feeling of presence to a degree that horror fans haven’t experienced. The complete gameplay experience is available from the included PlayStation VR Mode from start to finish. No Resident Evil you’ve ever survived could prepare one for this,the majority of Resident Evil 7’s tension comes out of finding yourself in tough conditions and fighting to adapt, since it is about scavenging for items and saving what little ammunition and resources you do have. With limited inventory space and a familiar reliance on item boxes to handle your belongings, I found that constantly storing small amounts of handgun and shotgun ammo as I found it, granting myself a safety net of health-restoring green herbs, and keeping psychostimulants handy for tracking down well-hidden items was a welcome layer of micromanagement on top of every larger objective. I’m happy to see that core Resident Evil idea make a comeback in 7.


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File game type  : Playstation 4 Game code

Support device : playstation 4

Version : USA

Note of the game  : 17/20


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