Hello .  on this post we are going to explain to you how to get free ps4 codes  ,

From dllfreeps4games.com ,  we are offering genius ps4 games without hacking or flashing your ps4 console

all the code we got them from our supllier who supply us those code for cheap price and we are happy to share it with you guys 🙂




do i need to hack ?

no hack is needed,  its a normal code that you will put in your console ,thats it .

is it safe for my PSN account ?

really ? okay . YES !  it is safe to use

can i play online with those game code ?

as we said they are genius codes exactly the same game code you buy from amazon or bestbuy ,

why i have to do one offer to get this code ?

so let me explain to you this , we buy this codes for cheap price , in retur to download them you have to finish only one offer to get all ps4 game codes  on this website for free , so one offer completed = mor than 30 new ps4 game code , we are locking the codes by survey to stop abusing this code and also to get something in return to keep buying this codes and sharing them for you guys 




lets get started step by step on how to get those free and gratis ps4 code :mrgreen: 

1– Choose Your Ps4 Game that You Want to Download And Click on the Download Link  in the post 

2- Enter Your PSN ID ( optional )  And Click Download 

3- A New windows offer will  Pop Up , Choose  and click on One Offer  ( if you see no offers please change your IP using VPN to change your region )

3- A new Window tap  opens on the Browser , DO NOT  Close it , Complet The Offer to the end 

(  offers iS Like Phone Verification , Email Submit, Zip Submit, Form registration ….Depending on What You’v Choosed and also to you region)

4- after you Complete The Survey Correctly The Ps4 game code texte file  will Unlock Automatically

5- When The Download Finish You will Get an TXT Or Document  File , 

Open It :


How to Redeem The Code  And get the Full Game ?


1.Turn on your PS4 and sign into your PSN account


2. Scroll up and left to the PlayStation Store icon then hit the click

3.then  scroll down the menu on the left hand side



4.at the  very bottom you’ll see ‘Redeem Codes’



5.Press X and you will be presented with a box in which you then enter your 12 digit PSN code you already download


6. enter the 12 digit code like in the picture and hit continue

7- after you hit continue you download will begin . 

hope you have a fast internet connection  😆


Hope i helped you to get free ps4 code ,

new ps4 games will be added everyday so keep visiting the website and share good word about us


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